Casa La Esperanza is an all girls orphanage that focuses on their protection and care.

It belongs to the civil association “Granja de Niños La Esperanza, A.C.” an institution founded in 1954 by Sister Maria Celina Keller Jimeno, in Mexico City; We have been helping girls from all ages for more than 50 years.

La Casa is located in Mexico City in the community of San Pedro de los Pinos, very close to th street Revolución at the same height as the Metro San Pedro de los Pinos.


•      MISSION

Our mission is to give the necessary means for kids and adolescents in need to succeed. With the support and commitment of our society we promote HOPE and LOVE.


•      VISION

Our vision is for our girls to be able to develop into upright women that practice their faith, that spread love, that spread hope and that succesfully integrate into society.