All services are given on a permanent basis and from the moment girls come to Casa La Esperanza.

We work for 365 days a year thanks to the support and commitment of our society.

We offer education from all levels. From pre-school to highschool, university, up until job training.

We address the difficulties of learning through intense pedagogical work to promote cognitive development.

We give them the tools to have confidence and self-esteem through psychological support.

The chidren receive education during their stay until they become independent adults.

Some of the services that girls receive:


  • Food
  • Catechism
  • Environmental care
  • Human development
  • Education
  • Communication skills
  • Room
  • Community habits
  • Personal habits
  • Medical service
  • Pedagogical services
  • Psychological services
  • Christian values
  • Clothes
  • Dance classes
  • Painting classes